An overseas business trip. A mother’s foreboding prophecy. Will our novice programmer achieve his savings goal or succumb to the ominous foretelling?

Hridaan Rajdev is full of doubt. A dispute with his new roommate, challenging new organization targets, and a demanding task make the IT professional fear he’ll not get things done. But he had not anticipated a mysterious rash could intensify his fear and throw his plans off tangent. Running helter-skelter, searching for the proper care, Hridaan wishes he wasn’t fighting a lonely and uphill battle in a foreign land.

However, impervious to all his efforts, the dreaded condition could leave him stranded, eroding savings and potentially hindering a chance for further studies. Can Hridaan remain resilient during adversity to meet one of the most significant deadlines of his life?

A Race Against Time is an immersive second book in the Cubicle Tales literature and fiction series. If you like thrilling stories, genuine camaraderie, and gritty tales, then you will love Harish Rijhwani’s exhilarating and riveting stories.

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A young man caught in the uncertainties of the corporate world. Can he survive and regain his family’s lost pride?

Hridaan Rajdev never believed he would face so many trials. Running from pillar to post, trying to meet deadlines, hearing whispers of rejections, the twenty-two-year-old programmer struggles under pressure. But he did not foresee being stung by office politics, as his chance of fast growth is crushed.

Embarking on a journey with his newfound friends, he now sets off to explore the fun side of work. But every day with new challenges coming his way, he fears without being innovative he will not be able to survive. Can Hridaan prove his mettle to support his family and fulfill his dreams?

9 to 5 Cubicle Tales is an engrossing first book in the Cubicle Tales literature and fiction series. If you like rollercoaster rides, deep bonds of friendship and courage to face challenges head on, then you will love Harish Rijhwani’s exciting and triumphant stories.

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Struggling to understand how data science works? Take an expert’s incredible journey and bring tricky concepts into vivid, technicolor reality.

Master The Mystic Arts – Begin Your Data Science Journey is an innovative guide that pulls back the curtains on data science and explains principles in a delightfully easy-to-grasp manner. With analogies taken from popular characters in films, well-known stories, and everyday activities, you’ll become immersed in a fascinating world of illuminated math.

In Master The Mystic Arts – The Journey Begins, you’ll discover:
– An informal, narrative-led style to presenting complex concepts that instantly trigger powerful “ah-has”
– Metaphorical parallels drawn from popular culture that highlight data mathematics to make learning fun

Master The Mystic Arts – The Journey Begins is an insightful and original approach to simplifying a sophisticated field. If you like enjoyable lessons, easy-to-read chapters, and memorable explanations, then you’ll love Harish C. Rijhwani’s superbly entertaining manual.

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Amazon Link: Technology To Business – The Invisible Gap

We are living in the digital world. A world of technology. Or is it a world created by visions that are beyond bits and bytes?

Bill Gates did not just want to build software. He wanted to put a personal computer in every house. Larry Page and Sergey Brin did want to build just a search engine. They wanted to organize the world’s information. Mark Zuckerberg did not want to just build a website. He wanted to connect the world.

In this delightful book, Harish has laid down the basics of how an idea can be taken from the drawing board and built into a success. He describes how a technical product must not be seen purely through the prism of its capabilities, but its ability to solve a business problem or fulfill a business need.
This book is a sincere effort in describing the skills and knowledge one must gain to be successful as a leader in the technology industry. It represents a deeply personal journey of discovery that Harish has undertaken as he has grown in the technology industry. I am sure that you will find the contents in this book relevant and useful in your growth and success.

Amazon Link: Healthcare Decoded – Begin Your Health IT Journey

I have always known of Harish as someone who wants to understand the ‘why’ of things, get to the bottom of everything. As a child, I saw him dismantle expensive shiny toys like cars and engines that would have been just gifted to him. He would dismantle a toy car, for instance; part by part, spend hours at it and then spend another few precious hours rebuilding the piece.

That is what this book is about in a way. Harish breaks down the subject bit by bit and simplifies what to some people, maybe rocket science: IT in healthcare. His personal anecdotes and conversational style make it an easy, delightful read. ‘Healthcare Decoded,’ true to its name takes us through the journey of how healthcare was practiced in early days, the health care practice today with details on insurance, data collection and the probable future of healthcare with devices in patient’s hands.  This book is for someone who wants to understand the history, the present, and the possible future of IT in healthcare and enjoy the journey along the way.