9 to 5 Cubicle Tales – Captivating & Realistic

“Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.” ― Thomas Edison

Review by Maitry Shah.

What was your initial reaction when you heard the Title of the Book?  

The title of the book implied that the story/journey would take me through the ins and outs of a corporate job which ironically, although labeled 9 to 5, mostly goes beyond that, mentally and/or physically. So, I thought that the book was about what happens between and beyond 9 am and 5 pm in an employee’s life.

Did you find it meaningful, why or why not?  

The tile was indeed meaningful. This is because it was simple enough to convey the gist of the book, yet catchy enough to keep me interested as a reader. In addition, it justified the content of the entire book as the journey, stories, life, and characters rotated and revolved around 9 to 5 cubicles.

What did you think of the writing style and content structure of the book?  

The writing style of the book was captivating, interesting, and, most importantly, realistic. The structure and division of the chapters was perfect. The style and structure enabled the book to be as relatable as it could be. It was never underwhelming or overwhelming to leaf through the text. There was enough depth of content and yet enough lightheartedness and normality, which made the story even more beautiful.

Which location in the book would you most like to visit and why?  

I would love to visit Washington DC because the book’s simple descriptions regarding the White House, Washington Monument, Obelix Tower, and Capitol Hill through conversations provided a sneak peek of these places, sparking an interest in me to visit them all.

How did the book make you feel? What emotions did it evoke?  

The book took me through different emotions, right from anxiety, having fun while connecting with colleagues, adjusting between being introverted, yet extroverted enough to be noticed, finding self amid the new place, seeking satisfaction and thrills at the same time, and going on and on forever. The book touched on all of these emotions so effortlessly that it almost seemed like my own journey.

Which character did you most relate to and why?  

I related the most with the character of Hridaan because although I have not worked in the same field, various parts of his journey in the corporate world felt like some of my own experiences. In fact, his personal struggles and determination to prove that he was capable of supporting his family and fulfilling his dream was something that was most relatable.

Did the characters seem believable to you? Did they remind you of anyone you know?  

The characters were very relatable. They reminded me of my sister and her group of co-workers who always talked about the kinds of struggles they went through while getting a job (from giving an aptitude test and being a noticeable part of group discussions to giving individual interviews).

Did the author do a good job of organizing the plot and moving it along?  

Yes, the plot was very well organized, and the story moved effortlessly through the chapters.

Would you recommend the book to your friend/colleague/family members with similar bookish interests? 

Yes, I would definitely recommend this book to people with similar bookish interests because I think this book is relatable to almost everyone in the corporate world.

Describe the book using 5 words/adjectives.

Five words for the describing book according to me are:

  • Realistic
  • Fun
  • Interesting
  • Motivational
  • Heartfelt

If you got the chance to ask the author of this book one question, what would it be? 

How do you think time has changed the criteria for analyzing someone based on interviews?

What do you think of the book’s cover? How well does it convey what the book is about? 

The cover of the book is interesting and fits the story very well. The small details of a few background icons that represent a whole journey in themselves make the cover very interesting. My favorites are the error flashing on the computer screen, the design of the location map, the ladder, and the dollar sign.

What was your favorite part of the book? 

There are many parts that are heart touching and relatable, but my favorite is the fun times at the office, especially the treasure hunt for a Fundooz Friday.

Were you satisfied with the story ending? If you weren’t, how would you resolve things differently? 

I was happy with the ending. It not only keeps me fascinated but also gives me satisfaction that things are in a normal place and at a normal pace.

Tell us more about yourself   

My name is Maitry Shah. I am a dentist and I work as an expert editor in the field of medical and clinical sciences in the corporate/nonclinical world. I strive to prove that the combination of passion and profession can be successful.

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