9 to 5 Cubicle Tales – A Traveler’s Review

What was your initial reaction when you heard the Title of the Book?  

When I heard the title 9-5 Cubicle Tales, I thought it would be a collection of short stories from corporate IT life. But after reading the book, it’s a journey encompassing several anecdotes. One of the best fictions I’ve read this year!

Did you find it meaningful, why or why not?  

Totally. Readers and folks who are planning to read this, especially from the IT sector, would be able to relate 90% of the chapters in this book both from a personal and a professional standpoint.  

What did you think of the writing style and content structure of the book?  

Based on previous books and articles of Harish, the writing style is very engaging. Harish has a unique style of storytelling and one can imagine the entire stage with his narration.

The structure of the book is very simple and easy-ready for all ages! College goers can get a realistic view of IT life from Hridaan’s viewpoint. IT professionals can get into the shoes of Hridaan and enjoy the journey along with him.

Which location in the book would you most like to visit and why?  

The initial chapters in which Hridaan describes his Childhood home is one place that I would like to visit. Places like those are hard to find these days especially in Concrete Jungles in most of our metros and cities.  

How did the book make you feel? What emotions did it evoke?  

Happiness. The book was very engaging, and the narration was on point. I was able to complete reading this over a weekend. Reading the book through the chapters brought back a lot of good memories and happiness from the initial days of my career.

Which character did you most relate to and why?  

As an IT Professional myself I can relate to Hridaan himself as I have experienced most of the stages encountered in this book. The interview, onboarding, initial days and onsite journey. Not leaking any secrets of the book here. Also, I was able to relate myself to Hridaan’s Nashville trip with the same kind of emotions while visiting the Music City.

Did the characters seem believable to you? Did they remind you of anyone you know?  

Yes. These are the most common characters anyone would have in their early professional life. Looking forward to seeing how few of these characters travel along with Hridaan during the course of his career & life. Hridaan reminds me of Harish based on my experiences with him. Also, a few other characters from his work life are very relatable.

Did the author do a good job of organizing the plot and moving it along?  

Harish, based on his story telling and style of narration, has done a wonderful job with his first fictional debut. I’m looking forward to the upcoming books from what I foresee 9 to 5 Cubicle Series!

Would you recommend the book to your friend/colleague/family members with similar bookish interests? 

Absolutely. I have already recommended it to a few of my colleagues. 

Describe the book using 5 words/adjectives.

  • Engaging 
  • Outstanding 
  • Cheerful 
  • Optimistic 
  • Reliving memories 

If you got the chance to ask the author of this book one question, what would it be? 

I would want a couple of pages from the author in his next book of this series, to describe his journey while preparing for this book. I’m sure it’s not an overnight thought but reading through the chapters is the slightest details from the past years of Hridaan’s life well captured in the book’s chapters. Kudos to Harish with his memory power coupled with his sense of imagination.

What do you think of the book’s cover? How well does it convey what the book is about? 

Fresh and all key icons of the book are well placed on the front cover. This book would be an eye catcher on the bookshelves either in the stores or online catalog.

What was your favorite part of the book? 

Story Telling at its best and simpler version. 

Were you satisfied with the story ending? If you weren’t, how would you resolve things differently? 

I don’t think the story has ended and I believe this is only the first part. Looking forward to the sequel with many new adventures of Hridaan’s professional tales and also snippets around Nijin.

Tell us more about yourself   

Jay D – 15+ years of IT experience and currently based out of India.  

Grab a copy of the Kindle/Print version via Amazon. The print version in India can also be ordered from the Pothi (the publisher).