A Race Against Time – The First Review

Time is the most valuable thing a man can spend. – Theophrastus.

Hello All, welcome to the first review of the second part of my novel “9 to 5 Cubicle Tales – A Race Against Time.” Today we have a discussion with Ms Ananya S.

Did you find the title/sub-title of the book meaningful? Why or why not?

The title & the sub-title of the book is indeed apt as accurately summarizes the plot & the storyline that the author lays out in the book.

What did you think of the book’s writing style and content structure?

The author presents an enjoyable, relatable, fast paced page turner with numerous plot twists, nevertheless, including exceptionally realistic descriptions of locations, events etc that enables the reader to experience the events of the plot and the protagonist’s journey.

Which location in the book would you most like to visit and why? 

A location mentioned in the book that I would want to visit is the Stone Mountain in Atlanta.

Does the book showcase relationships that seem relatable? Was there any relationship that stood out?

From the book the relationship that was the most relatable and that stood out was the equation that the protagonist shares with his sister. The way in which the siblings argue at times but help each other out when necessary and the banter between the two was extremely relatable, and that stood out.

What was your favorite part/chapter of the book?

Chapter 12: The Adventure Squad

Chapter 27: The Final Countdown

Can you describe the book using five words/adjectives?

  • Profound
  • Amusing
  • Thrilling
  • Optimistic
  • Enthralling

What would you say to persuade a friend to read it or not to read it?

To encourage/persuade a friend a friend to read the book, I would mention the fact that apart from being extremely relatable & amusing this book must not be treated as a random fictional story but rather an extremely realistic depiction and narration of the protagonist’s journey, including the challenges and roadblocks that he faces and eventually overcomes, which an individual can learn from, to have an optimistic approach towards the challenges that one faces in day to day life. The factually accurate descriptions of places, events etc is another astounding aspect.

What do you think of the book’s cover? How well does it convey what the book is about?

The illustration on the cover aptly conveys the underlying theme of the story, as the cover denotes a running figure, the same sentiment is echoed in the story where we find the protagonist constantly racing from one obstacle to another, running the risk of missing out on his goals and targets.

What would you like to read in the sequel?

In the next installment I would look forward to reading more the protagonist’s adventures & escapades.

Tell us more about yourself.

Ananya S – I have a background of dentistry with MBA in healthcare, presently working as a Business Analyst at a Healthcare IT company.

Grab a copy of the Kindle/Print version via Amazon. The print version in India can also be ordered from the Pothi (the publisher).