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“Magic is believing in yourself, IF YOU CAN DO THAT, you can make anything happen.”

Hello Friends, I am back with another review of my upcoming book “Master The Mystic Arts – The Journey Begins”. Today I am speaking with Mr. Jayant Yadav who shares his views and perception after reading some chapters of my book.

What was your initial reaction when you heard the Title of the Book? 

When I first Heard the Title -“Master the Mystic Arts” I for a split-second thought that Mr. Harish Rijhwani (Who’s always trying to Learn New Things) is Now on A Mission to Teach People Actual Wizardry! (I am not kidding! He can do that Too!)  But as soon as I saw the Cover Page, it was clear to me that The Wizard now wants to spread his love for Magically (and always effortlessly) Explaining Complex Data Science Concepts in A Simple Lucid manner amongst the Masses. 

As a Muggle (Non-Data Science Folk) how easy is to learn Wizardry (Data Science)? 

Since my Childhood, I haven’t really been into Computers that Much. So, I definitely classify as a “Non-Data Science Folk”! But very soon I realized that Learning about Computers and Data Science isn’t just a cool addition to Your Resume anymore but it’s a Necessity in this Stats-Driven World.  So, when I took the first few steps Into the Mystical world of Data-Science I was just Super Confused and Anxious with regards to the Different Techniques used and why was I using them in the First Place! Many online Courses claimed to teach these Techniques but never properly explained the Basic underlying concept behind these Techniques leaving me Frustrated at the end. It took me a lot of time and effort to figure out the right sources to study from and the right approach to ace the different concepts. 

What makes the book different as compared to any other book of Wizardry? 

Well, from what I’ve read so Far, I wonder What doesn’t make this Book Different! If anyone thinks I’m exaggerating, then name me one book on Data-Science which: 

  •  Explains the Concept of Artificial Neural Networks using A “Cake- Baking” Analogy  
  • Explains the Complex concept of “K-Nearest Neighbors” Supervised Learning Model by comparing it to the “Sorting Hat” from Harry Potter!! 

Yes, you read that Right and that’s just a few mind-boggling metaphors which  Mr. Rijhwani always effortlessly comes up with in this book to explain even the most technically demanding topics in Data Science with such clarity. That’s perhaps one of the main reasons I think this book is Special – It isn’t just catering to the already gifted and technically-sound folks who are well versed with Data Science but to the common people who come from different backgrounds and have an aspiration to try their luck out in learning Data Science. Well, from whatever I’ve read so far, I can say that they all are in luck!! 

Why do you think the author wrote this book? 

I think I answered this question in my preceding response but I’ll say it again. I think that Mr. Harish Rijhwani has written this book to break the Myth that taking Data Science up is just for the Chosen few. I can truly understand why this myth existed earlier, as it was so hard to find books which could explain the complex Data-Science concepts in such a simple manner that for once the reader might forget that he/she is actually enjoying learning something that some people Dread! This Book does exactly that and creates a whole new Genre of Books altogether – A Data Science Novel! (Some Data Science folks would have skipped a heartbeat just reading novel and data science together in a sentence).

To whom would you recommend this book? 

Short and Simple Answer – TO ANYONE who aspires to Learn a New In-Demand Skill and wants to have fun Doing it (which I think is a rarity these days).

Tell us bit more about yourself, how long have you been an aspiring wizard? 

I come from a family where, barring my Mom, (Who’s a Teacher) everyone in my family is A Doctor and if not a Doctor, they are somehow related to the Medical field (Everyone) So I did the most Obvious thing – Scrap my Family’s tradition of Generating Renowned Doctors and decided to Become an Engineer (So Unique Right?😊) But not just any engineer, I abhorred computers so much I decided to take up the so called “Ever-Green” branch known formally as Mechanical Engineering! 😊

So, you can safely assume that I had no formal experience with Computers whatsoever or as Mr. Rijhwani calls it – I Was “A Muggle”. It wasn’t until I realized that being technically sound is the “Need of the Hour” that I ventured into Programming and later on into Data-Science! Apart from this, I’m trying my best to explore as many things in life as possible – I’m a Long-Distance Runner, I play Tennis, I’m into Painting, I do Calligraphy, I Play the Guitar, write Poetry, Songs and if time permits, I love reading about Finance as well as Philosophy (Deadly Combo Right?) and having a Conversation on the same with anyone who can tolerate it 🙂 

I was introduced to Mr. Rijhwani through a “Data-Analytics” Course which was being taught by him in my College and I’ve been in awe of his teaching skills ever since!  So, to answer the exact question – it’s been a Few years since I’ve been an Aspiring Wizard! 

One Last Question, we hear you are a Master Artist, what inspires you and could we share one of your arts online in the near future? 

HaHa! That’s just You being a bit too Modest! But thanks nonetheless. I Won’t call myself a Master but yes, I love Art as it gives me a source to vent out my feelings and perhaps that’s the reason that I excel at it. The fact that I can create something that connects with people’s hearts and makes them feel Happy is what inspires me and that’s what ultimately keeps me going!  

Thank You Mr. Jayant for taking time and sharing your views around my book “Master the Mystic Arts”. Watch out this space for more such views from Muggles and Masters 😊. 

10 thoughts on “Master The Mystic Arts – An Artist At Work


    I also am a Mechanical Engineering Student, and i guess after reading this I might just thinking of learning this Wizardry.

  2. Aman Shah

    Very helpful review! As a budding engineer it helped me understand what this book is about and why it is relevant to not only engineers but everyone in today’s world. Using unique analogies and metaphors this book gets across far more knowledge and understanding than most technical books of similar nature! Ot helped me find a perspective on the subject of data science and explore my interests further.

  3. Sargundeep Kaur Sachdeo

    Very helpfull review !!!!Would definitely refer this book for getting acquainted with data science and its related concepts …..
    Looking forward for more such amazing arrivals ..

  4. Vignesh Chenna

    Indeed a great review, as a mechanical engineer too, I can relate to this and yes adding a new skill to your tool kit is never a bad thought. So can’t wait to read the book!!!

  5. Dheeraj Jain

    After reading this, I am excited about this!
    Hope so, I will get a chance to read this book as early as possible!
    Can’t wait for the Book to Release!

  6. Nitya

    I love how creatively a previously difficult subject has been transformed into such an appealing topic. Makes it so desirable to read. Lovely interview!

  7. Chaitanya Bane

    Although not a big fan of Data science , it sure does looks like the need of the hour. Appreciate the review given, loved the Harry Potter jargons introduced.

  8. Avanish Batkulia

    Being someone who’s working on his own startup and trying to scale it to new heights, I come across large amounts of Data on a Regular Basis. After reading this review, I think Data Science is just like any other skill which with persistence and correct guidance, can be aced ! This will really help me to get greater amount of insights in my Upcoming Projects.
    Can’t wait to check this unique book out!✨

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