Master The Mystic Arts – Book Launch

Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way.”  – Edward De Bono  

Hello Friends,  

The world of Analytics/Data Science is like Magic to many people. In my book “Master The Mystic Arts” (MTMA), I attempt to demystify this Art.  MTMA is my humble attempt to change the way one looks at Data Science/Machine Learning viz. Complex, difficult and many a times “out of this world”.  To explain the complex concepts of Analytics/Data Science I utilize relatable examples of “The Sorting Hat” (Harry Potter you see), Cooking in everyday life, Tom Riddles Diary, and many movie references. Though Data Science cannot exist without mathematics hence I have tried to maintain a small balance. I would want anyone (Muggles = Non Data Science folks) to be able to pick up my book and understand the concepts. I hope the final output is unique, something different, and appreciated by many.  

“Magic is believing in yourself – IF YOU CAN DO THAT you can make anything happen” – Johann Wolfgang

If you are a Kindle Fan you can grab a copy of my book on Amazon, if you prefer the print version you can order it from Pothi.

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