Shadowcaster:  A Tale of Mystery and Magic

Two ancient artifacts have been stolen from different Sanctums; Dr. Magnus and his apprentice Wyatt are trying to contact HH. But who is HH? Read on to find out more.

A deafening sound echoed in the room when Dr. Magnus was admiring a photo in the corner beside the sizeable wooden desk.


The ground shuddered beneath while the empty cup on the hand-carved wooden side table somersaulted and dived onto the floor, shattering into pieces.

“Shatter!! Shatter!!”

Dr. Magnus’s shining blue cloak looked over his head as he turned around towards the two sounds.

“Wyatt!!” he exclaimed, smiling, “You wanted to know how we can connect with HH?”

Magnus’ junior apprentice nodded in response, stunned and speechless.

“Sorry about your favorite cup, Doctor,” said the tall, well-built man calmly.

Dr. Magnus moved his right hand anticlockwise two times, and the shattered pieces of glass came together, did a reverse somersault, and placed itself back on the wooden table. “Well, that’s fixed!!” he mentioned with a slight grin.

“I see you haven’t lost your touch after so many years,” said the formally dressed man, his right hand holding a golden mace upside down.

“Hahaha!! Not yet, my friend,” replied Dr. Magnus laughingly.

The Wizard turned towards Wyatt, who was still in a trance. “Wyatt!!” shouted Dr. Magnus, snapping him back to reality. “Meet HH,” he stated.

“H-h-h-hello!! Mr. HH, I have heard a lot about you from Dr. Magnus,” greeted Wyatt with a slight tremor in his voice.

“Hahaha, Dr. Magnus is too kind, but we don’t have much time for formal greetings; we need to get to work,” mentioned HH as he walked towards the circular staircase.

Dr. Magnus nodded in agreement. He turned around, took a couple of steps forward, and levitated to grab a thick book on the cabinet’s top shelf in one go. He blew the dust off the book with metal corners as he came down. The book was slowly placed on the wooden stand comparatively taller than the desk beside it.

“The Arcane Atlas, an interesting name,” remarked Wyatt as he admired the cover, which looked elegant and sophisticated. Additionally, an oval-shaped green stone adorned the center.

“Flip!!” as Dr. Magnus turned the page, he explained, “This is a Magical Guide to the Hidden Realms!!”

“Doctor, did you figure out how Shadowcaster stole the Excalibur from London and Pashupatastra from the Hidden Sanctum?” inquired HH as they stood surrounding the Magical Guide.

“No Idea, but things don’t look good,” stated Dr. Magnus as he continued to search for something. “Wyatt, bring up the Cosmic Planisphere,” he added as he stopped turning pages.

Wyatt nodded as he waved his wand to bring up a green screen showcasing power surges in multiple areas in the right corner.

“HH, we need to reach here,” informed Dr. Magnus pointing towards the right corner, which read, ‘The Solar Realm.’

“I don’t think that would be a problem; I can reach there in an instant, but you guys need to find a turnkey,” informed HH as he observed the power surge moving towards the left.

“Hmm, I know, that’s why we need to go here,” suggested Dr. Magnus pointing toward a map on the page.

HH glanced at the page and exclaimed, “Belur!!” with a wide smile.

“Yes, not that far from your birthplace Hampi, HH,” mentioned Dr. Magnus.

“I wasn’t aware there was a turnkey in Belur.”

“Well, as per this book, The Gravity Pillar is the key to reaching the Solar Realm.”

“Chennakesava Temple!! Well, that is interesting.”

“What else does the book say about the gravity-defying pillar?” inquired HH.

“The key gets activated when the Sun and Moon are visible in the morning sky,” responded Dr. Magnus.

“Lucky us!! The scenario will happen in nine hours; we must leave accordingly to avoid morning temple visitors,” recommended HH.

“I’ll check for plane tickets,” suggested Wyatt enthusiastically.

Dr. Magnus stared at Wyatt as though he had committed the crime of the century. “You want to book plane tickets?” inquired Dr. Magnus with a smirk.

“Yes!!” exclaimed Wyatt confidently.

“Aren’t you forgetting something?” suggested the Sorcerer.

“Am I? I don’t think so,” replied Wyatt scratching his head.

Dr. Magnus traced three clockwise circles with his right hand using the green ring on his forefinger, generating a portal showing the stunning, intricate, ornate Hoysala-styled temple.

“Sheesh!! Sorry, I forgot I am a magician; I am still learning,” mentioned Wyatt apologetically.

The three of them waited past six in the evening local time before Dr. Magnus conjured the portal again and walked into pitch darkness on the other side.


“Woof, Woof!!”

“It’s about time,” mentioned HH as the three musketeers stood before the engineering marvel. “Does the Arcane mention how to enable the turnkey?” inquired HH as he looked at the pillar intently.

“We need to read something a hundred and eight times, but I think it’s Sanskrit,” mentioned Dr. Magnus as he conjured the specific page before him.

HH folded his hands, looked toward the temple, and then started reading the verse “Om Hraam Hreem Hraum Sah Suryay Namah||

Once HH completed the verse, the portal opened, and one could observe a brilliant shade of gold in the sky. As the three entered, they felt endless warmth from the light and energy. Immediately, they were transported to a large entrance gate as soon as they stepped foot.

“Looks like a Visa Entry Line!!” stated Wyatt as they approached a booth that read, ‘Solarius Port of Entry.’

“Reason For Visit?” inquired the haughty man without looking up.

“We are here in search of Shadowcaster,” replied HH.

After a few more questions, he said, “Please sign here,” pointing to a tablet-like golden device.

HH gave the initials of his name, to which the gentleman replied, “We need your Full Name, Sir!!”


The signature now read, ‘Humble Hanuman!!’