The Defective Detective

 “Stop that dame,” squealed Private Eye Lazy Ooozy pointing towards a middle-aged woman while sprinting in his rainbow-colored trousers.

The suspect, a women dressed in a red gown with flowing slivery hair was now driving a moped through the bylanes of a crowded Centennial Park.

“Gimme that,” he yelped while pushing a little boy and jumping on his moving skateboard. “Get out of my way,” shouted Ooozy in his squeaky voice while holding onto the hand rod.

“Waaaaah, Waaaaah,” wailed the kid making a screeching noise.

Hearing the sobbing, a large well-built muscular man turned around and questioned “What happened son?”

“Daddyyyy, that man stole my skateboard, Waaaaah” replied the boy pointing towards Ooozy who some how was speeding away.

“Uhh, you clown, how dare you steal my son’s vehicle, STOP THAT THIEF!!” yelled the gigantic man in his forceful man.

Shhhh-Tik-Tik-Tik,’ suddenly, the lawn sprinklers had come alive.

Splash’ Ooozy was drenched, still in pursuit of the lady in red. He looked down at his green and yellow jacket for a bit and observed the coffee stain washing away.

 ‘Clink, Clink’ the image in front of Ooozy’s eyes became hazy as a road bump caused his thick glasses to jump and fly away, shattering it to pieces.

Ooozy still continued to follow the foggy red color moving further away from his eyes.

“Bang,” a gliding blue frisbee hit Ooozy, and he lost balance flying in the air.

Still airborne he could hear a ferocious voice in the distance, “I told you I’ll get you, my man.”

“Ow, Ow, Ow,” he shouted as fell in the center of a bush surrounded by thorny red roses.

Plop’ a black hearing aid fell out of Ooozy’s ears as he managed to get up.

Ooozy was now frantically searching for the hazy red color; as he turned around, he saw a red blob stationary at one position. He limped in that direction while removing some thorns from his buttocks.

“You thought you could run away so easily, huh” he bellowed at the red blob.

“What are you saying young man?” replied a shaking voice.

“So, you agree you are the thief,” Ooozy responded trying to search for something in his jacket.

“What rubbish are you talking?”

“Yes, I will now be able to publish memoir.”

“Young man, you have gone mad.”

“Oh, so now you are feeling sad, you did not feel sad when you robbed those banks, eh.”

Ooozy now put on his spare pair of glasses hidden in his inner jacket pocket and saw an elderly woman dressed in red holding a walking stick.

“So, you even disguised yourself as an old woman huh,” added Ooozy. “I bet that’s a silver-colored wig,” as he tugged the old lady’s hair but without any luck.

“Everyone GET HIM, that clown is now troubling an old lady,” shouted the muscular giant.

The entire park was now after Ooozy as he ran with all his might shouting back “But why do you want to BITE me?”

‘Zoop,’ as Ooozy turned around the corner he was swallowed in an open manhole, now hidden from the crowd. Luck had again saved our Defective Detective.