Author: hcrijhwa

Exams Exams Exams !!

Examination, a dreaded word, as a kid it is a word which can strike fear into your heart. Firstly, I never knew why I was studying half of the subjects and many of them were theoretical, so it wasn’t fun at all. In my case somehow, few days before the exams would start, I was […]

Healthcare Decoded – Preface

It is a cold Thursday morning in Nashville though it’s February (the year is 2006). It is almost the end of my business trip only 2 weeks before I leave for India Yippee !!! I am staying at Ridgelake a very beautiful place, there are quite a lot of amenities within the area. A swimming […]

Healthcare Decoded – Prologue

I did my MBA in Information Systems from NMIMS, that too Part Time. The best part of doing a Part Time MBA was that I left office at 5:30 PM IST. You see my Lectures were from 6:45 PM to 9:15 PM IST and since I was going home so Late I was avoiding all […]

Healthcare Decoded – The Ice Breaker

Healthcare is a highly Complex Industry. Even as a patient if one has a health problem, one wonders whom should I visit. I should go to the Emergency/Casualty/Urgent care or my General Physician or a specialist. Highly confusing and at times even Frustrating!!! But things don’t stop here, finding the right Physician is just the […]

Healthcare Decoded – History Of Medical Records

The concept of Electronic Medical Records / Hospital Information Systems is on the rise, but it is very intriguing to understand when did doctors start to maintain patient records. Doctors did maintain medical records, but they were more for research and publishing papers. If you have seen old movies the doctor used to visit the […]